ALT Printing Press

Printing Press

Help us invite more young adults to be a part of an ALT Community! Wondering what makes a great ALT participant? Check out our Guide for Inviting Young Adults to ALT Year. Are you an ALT Alum who is trying to describe your year with ALT to potential employers? Or are you wondering how an ALT Year will benefit your professional growth? Check out Letter from an ALT Alum to see how an ALT Year contributes to personal, professional and vocational development.

ALT Year Poster

Print on 11X17 poster paper (Tabloid size)

Alt Brochure

Download and Print the ALT Year Brochure
Instructions: print the brochure on legal size paper. When printing, select “Scale to fit paper size” option. Side borders should be trimmed and folded towards the center. Trimming the top border is optional.

Interested in seeing a sample schedule of a week as an ALT participant?

ALT Year Sample Weekly Schedule
ALT Year Sample Schedule Terms