ALT Year is no longer taking applications for 2017-18. If you are interested in participating in future ALT Year opportunities please contact

If you are looking for a meaningful service year for 2017-18 we encourage you to explore the possibilities with our LIFE in Service partners.

If you have questions about the ALT Year program or the application, please don’t hesitate to contact We love to know you are working on an application. We hope you will be able join us for an ALT adventure in the fall of 2017! Thanks for your interest in ALT Year.

  • Once you apply, ALT National Director Josh Graber will contact you to set up a one-to-one Initial Interview, in order to get to know you more, go over your application responses, and make sure you understand the details of an ALT Year experience.

    The National Director will then write an Initial Interview Report and submit it to the ALT Admission Team and create an Admission Interview Team with a representative from the ALT National Team, ALT Toledo, and ALT Twin Cities. The Interview Team will contact the candidate to set up a time for an Admission Interview. The Admission Interview will help determine whether the candidate is a good match for ALT Year and whether they are a good match for one or both sites. The Interview Team will submit their recommendation for ALT Year Admission and Site Placement to the Admission Team.

    The candidate will be notified of the Admission Team's decision within two weeks based on the communication preference they selected on the ALT Year Application.
  • Would you like to set up a time to talk to someone about ALT Year about whether it might be a good match for you? Please send and email. We love hearing from people who are interested in ALT Year, even if they can't participate next year! We want to be a resource for youth and young adults as they consider their options and vocation in this world!

    Interested in visiting an ALT Year Site? Contact

    See our Guide for Inviting Young Adults to Join ALT Year here.
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    While other “gap year” experiences take you deeper into a specific experience (often one specific full-time service), or are very loose about what the experience is (such as travel gap-year), the ALT Year Experience combines a wide variety of experiences that encourage personal formation, faith exploration, and vocational discernment.

    If you are a part of the ALT Year Experience you will spend half of your time in structured community life and half of your time will be free for your own exploration, exercise, and rest. You’ll be amazed what we can do together and how much you will grow as a person, through this mix of community structure and personal freedom!


    In general, the schedule will run on the following 4 week cycle. This is not a rigid calendar but a guide for the life of the community. We want to remain as flexible as possible, adjusting to the annual calendar and holidays and making some adjustments in our pilot year.


    In general, we will start the second week of September and run through the third week of May. So there is an extra week at each end of the schedule compared to most academic calendars. Participants will have a Thanksgiving Break and a long Christmas Break. At Easter, the group will choose whether to stay on-site, take a trip, or take that time off. This will depend on the timing of Easter in relationship to the end of the ALT year.


    There is currently no tuition cost for an ALT Year. We are seeking to make this experience as inexpensive as possible so every young adult can have the opportunity to participate. The generosity of the ELCA, partner synods, partner congregations, and generous donors provide for the cost of administration, the director’s salary, and the national and local budgets.

    Participants are asked to pay for Living Expenses for the 9 month experience, which includes Room, Food, Supplies, Travel Costs, and a Monthly Stipend. We are trying to keep that cost to around $5000.

    A portion of that cost is expected to come from a participant’s own summer earnings or savings. The remainder of the cost can be contributed through the