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Why the Twin Cities?

Minnesota is known for waterskiing and being “nice,” but the Twin Cities offers much more than just neighborliness and 10,000 lakes (though these are definitely selling points!).

The Twin Cities also offers a unique and rich atmosphere to explore, create, dream, learn and grow in faith and leadership.

From an impressive local arts and music scene to numerous fortune 500 companies, as well as a robust social safety net, the Twin Cities attracts passionate people from all over the world. Minneapolis and St. Paul have been voted as one of the best park and recreation networks in the nation, as well as great offering great walking and biking trails for all ages.

And if you’re hungry, the food options meet the needs of vegetarians, locavores, meat-lovers, hot-dish aficionados, and culinary experimenters.

Of course, the Twin Cities has it’s challenges too.  The education resource and achievement gap is one of the highest in the nation between students of color and their white peers.  Segregation, underdevelopment, and systemic racism has led to some of the highest rates of unemployment among African Americans compared to one of the lower unemployment rates in the country overall.  While there is optimism about a growing community solar energy economy, there are still big questions about access for low-come and minority groups on the grid.  Wages have also been stagnant for many work-class people and cycles of debt and poverty loom large.

But God is deeply present in the people here.

The Twin Cities is a hub for passionate and progressive ELCA congregations that like to experiment, confront inequality, strive for community wellness, advocate the most vulnerable in our midst, and raise up new leaders.

ALT Twin Cities has received financial support from over 10 congregations (and growing), and have leaders from many congregations working to grow the capacity and energy to support young adults as leaders for the sake of God’s mission in the world.

If you are interested in applying or want more information, please contact us.

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  • The ALT Twin Cities site is hosted by First Lutheran Church in Saint Paul, and is located on the blue-collar Eastside.

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